Classic Disco Revival: Earth, Wind & Fire – September (wolfskind & Mokoa Remix)

Here’s a blazing hot deep, nu disco house remix for you with plenty of sexy sax goodness! Earth, Wind & Fire – September (wolfskind & Mokoa Remix)

Wolfskind & Mokoa have completely remade this classic disco hit, keeping only the vocals, and let’s just say – it’s on fire.

There is a fine feeling of summer nostalgia associated with this song. A nice little nu disco jewel to take in.

Let’s party!!!

Nu Disco Jam: Next – “Too Close” (Shmallen Edit)


Definitely one of my favorites, and an artist/producer/DJ to watch – Shmallen is back with another amazing edit that premiered on Earmilk!

This one will sound familiar, as it’s a remix of a classic: Next – “Too Close” (Shmallen Edit) [EARMILK Exclusive].

Sexy does it with this nu disco remix that incorporates that beloved classic r&B vocals and samples. Can we head to the beach yet?

Current mood: contently defrosting.

“I love when you shake it like that. I see that you like it that.”

Empire Of The Sun – Wandering Star (FINAL DJS Remix)

Final DJs has dropped yet another magical remix, and up for free download! This time he has re-imagined Empire of the Sun’s “Wandering Star” into an exquisite synthwave jewel.

This one has big sound and a driving synth beat that just makes you go nuts as soon as the beat drops. This track is really all about love and emotional liberation, setting the soul on fire.

The lyrics to this song are relatable to anyone who’s ever been in love and felt the sting of heartbreak while looking towards the future and reminiscing on the past. “Am I past the road? Wandering stars might fade away, but you know that the sun is here to stay.”

This one is quite sexy and will lift your heart and mind into the sky.

Future Pearl: Kilo Kish – Curious (Le Flex Remix) #CuriousRMX

Le Flex has dropped a silky smooth and exquisitely lush Future remix of Kilo Kish’s song “Curious.” This one is pure Future magic.

The vocal work is simply heavenly. The lazy bass really punches, creating a really nice groove that is not too heavy but subtle and feel good. Although there’s a minimal feeling here, the sound is full, creating a dreamy and lush vibe you just want to eat up like a cupcake! Yummy!

The ambiance Le Flex has created is perfect for coasting down Venice on a warm, but breezy beautiful day. It’s something you want to hear on your headphones as you walk down the street and get lost in thought – this will definitely make the right soundtrack for just about any occasion.

This remix was done as part of a Noisey’s remix contest with Maison Kitsune for Kilo Kish! If you like what you hear don’t forget to show tons of social media love and share. #CuriousRMX

I can’t wait to hear what’s next from the talented Le Flex! I rate this one gold.



Perfect Purrrfection: Bearson – Pink Medicine

If you’re in need of some medicine, Bearson has you covered with Pink Medicine, to be exact.

Although I can’t comprehend what exactly is being sung, I still somehow understand what is being sung in some psychic and metaphysical way.

If you open your heart chakra and let this energy in, you will be filled with so much sun you might just explode into a thousand rays of light.

Relax, and bask in these glorious sounds. This is sweet perfection!

Gem of the Week: Just Kiddin – Thinking About It (Siente Remix)

This week’s Gem comes from none other than the legendary Siente! This track is monumental. It’s lusciousness is palbable as the ether enters my soul’s aura and infuses it with sheer ecstasy.

The vocals treatments are just spot on, and the sex and sultry beat is just pure bliss with just enough kick in the percussions to keep things flavorful throughout.

I think if I died and went to heaven, this is what it will feel like to be there.

Sultry Select: Studio Montaigne – Still Waiting (L’Aquarium Remix)

Yesssssss. This is quite a delicious little jewel. Studio Montaigne – Still Waiting (L’Aquarium Remix)

The sexy beat with heavy bassline blended with just the right amount of piano and excellent vocals and lyrics make this a win!

Mellow and sensual! Just bob your head slowly and smile.  :)

Too Lush: Lennart Richter – Can’t Explain

Lennart Richter always bringing those deep golden vibes to Prizmhaus! This original Future gem is just the thing you need in a nice and beautiful day: Lennart Richter – Can’t Explain

You’ll be lost in a lush ocean of bliss once you hit play. Lennart Richter slays! That’s enough to be said.

Blissed Out: Henry Krinkle – Stay (Justin Martin Remix)

Henry Krinkle has the magic formula to really sexy music down. Here, Justin Martin has revitalized his track “Stay,” and created something very magical with Future, Chill, Garage, and Nu Disco elements.

This chilled out jam is just the medicine you need to relax your nerves, breathe in, calm down, and live life to the fullest without a care in the world.

This song will give you a feeling, if you let it. You’ll be on cloud 9.

“You should stay right now.”

Lyon Hart – The Sign (Keljet Remix)

I’ve been listening to a lot of Keljet’s work since I discovered him. You quickly find that you can always expect something smooth and tasteful. <3

Here’s a smooth new remixed track: Lyon Hart – The Sign (Keljet Remix).

This has some massive sounds. You’ll be bobbing your entire body when the drop hits. Take yourself on a ride.

Applause and two thumbs up for this nu disco pearl.

MIA – Paper Planes (Eau Claire Remix)

Eau Claire is on fire. Here is another spectacular remix: MIA – Paper Planes (Eau Claire Remix).

This is a really groovy dance track with tons of tropical elements just thawing us out in preparation for Spring, which I cannot wait for.

Make sure to show tons of social media love.


Deep Night Diamond: Pet Shop Boys – Home And Dry (Max Lyazgin Remix 2015)

Max Lyazgin, is a prominent and rising name in the Nu Disco & House community. His contributions to the genre are always a heaven to Prizmhaus’s ears!

So without a doubt, today, we introduce the remixed rebirth of a Pet Shop Boys classic: Pet Shop Boys – Home And Dry (Max Lyazgin Remix 2015).

Instant magic! From the beginning, the deep house groove captivates you with a banging bassline that gets your house heart thumping with joy, and slowly takes you on a spiritual musical journey.

Late at night, this track will make you lose your mind completely on the dancefloor as it is hard hitting without a question. This one is special: from Max, “Pet Shop Boys is my favorite group. It’s from my child hood.”

Check out this free download! Add it to your playlist, next set or mix, and dance away as your heart smiles!

Future R&B Pearl: The Weekend – Often (Figgy Remix)

Magic! The Weekend – Often (Figgy Remix) is a luxurious Future R&B crystal encased gem with all kinds of sparkle!

Smooth and silky this track emanates sexiness and luxury. Figgy has done a phenomenal job at reworking this already dope beat, breathing in that signature Figgy sound we adore.

Get ready to get naked and sexy, ‘cause this is one sexy ass jam for the gods! Future R&B Pearl.

Ask me if I do this every day, I said “Often”

Ask how many times she rode the wave, “Not so often”

Bitches down to do it either way, often

Baby I can make that pussy rain, often

Blissed Out: TUCH – Unlock

Coming at you with some future R&B, get chilled out with these blissed out vibes on TUCH – Unlock.

The huge bassy sounds linger with luxury creating a soulful easygoing vibe paired with enchanting vocals.

Sink deep into these endlessly pleasure-providing sounds…

Final DJs – Rough Boy

Final DJs Rough Boy

Final DJs Rough Boy

When the walls come crashing down Final DJ’s latest synth masterpiece “Rough Boy” will be your saving grace. This soulful synth track will lift your spirit to the heavens.

This groove comes fully equipped with huge dreamy sounds, a driving rhythm and warm vocals that instantly penetrate deep, taking your heart on an emotional joyride.

Lose yourself on a dance floor somewhere; turn the volume up as you speed faster and faster down the road, and let the tears of mixed emotion gently fall from your face. There’s something magically healing and soothing about this track. It’s like as I listen…I know that we are all in the right place at the right time right just where we are meant to be.

This one is perfection for the music gods! Enjoy!!!

Sultry Select: moodblanc – Friday Night (Le Flex remix)

Your introduction to any good weekend would not be possible without moodblanc’s silky sleek tunes. This time Le Flex has worked his magic and remixed Friday Night to create a sound so magical it’s like watching fireworks explode in slow motion.

The moodblanc vocals are on point (as usual) with Magnus singing “It’s Friday Night. The mood is right,” so how could you possibly be in a bad mood while listening to this sultry nu disco tune? Golden vibes here all around. Pure bliss.

This sound is luxury. Now make it last! Let’s go dancing!


Gem of the Week: Shmallen – Baby Baby

This track is FIRE! Shmallen – Baby Baby is a silky future R&B laden deep house track with nu disco flavors with all of the right bumps and oomps to get you feeling just right.

What I love the most about this track is the satin smoothness, like a pearl, that emanates from my speakers into my ears and brings me to a feel good state of mind.

This one is a true pearl. Magical. Shmallen showing once again that there’s “more where that came from.” Go Shmallen!

House Banger: Dance///Me – Haus You

TONS of bounce in the ounce! LA-based duo Dance///Me have dropped a massive house banger appropriately titled “Haus You,” which is an intricate trip into the subconscious mind of the house music lover, evoking all of the magical house goodness that the music community is already embracing with arms wide open.

Tons of swag, pop this track on and you’ll be bouncing in no time – literally. If you love house, you’ll love the intricacies and subtle sounds of an elemental nature in this that will take you to the skies and beyond! This track hits hard, so check it out now on Mind Medicine Recordings, and make sure you support and show the Dance///Me guys, Matt Salazar and Christian Guzman, tons of social media love.

GET READY TO BOUNCE, get haus’d, and press PLAY!

Kyrill & Redford – Green & Colors Like It Feat. Ted Dade (Original Mix)

If dance is what you want, then Kyrill & Redford – Green & Colors Like It Feat. Ted Dade (Original Mix) is exactly the pill you need. Deep, penetrating. Hypnotic. Lyrical potion. This track has everything you can dream of in a good  dance song. Lose yourself in the sound. See you on the other side.

“We’ll burn together. Come back to life together. Dance on grapes, whatever. See the sunsrise, forever.”

VECT – Between Two Palms

VECT – Between Two Palms is just the thing you need to thaw you out this icy season. Warm sounds, and mellow groove with tons of trappy goodness. This is a real fun track that will make your heart smile.

“Don’t take my love.”