The Zac Efron Re-dubbed ‘We Are Your Friends’ Trailer Is Quite Hilarious

This satirical, Re-dubbed “We Are Your Friends” movie trailer is pretty drop-dead hilarious. This one tells the story of Zac Efron paying off producers to ghost produce for him.


Prizm Interview: Final DJs Talks New Release – Universal Language & Upcoming Projects

We had the pleasure of getting in touch with Final DJs, the Germany-based Nu Disco, Synthwave, French Touch producer who is also one cool cat. His remixes for “Brandy – Full Moon” (Recently featured in Bronson’s “Out All Night” mix) and “Empire of the Sun – Wandering Star” are top-notch party anthems, while his original works such as “Rough Boy,” and the recent release “Universal Language” demonstrate highly emotive tracks that can move your spirit and touch your soul. His DJ’ing mixes are on point, so if you’re looking for a kickass mixtape, I encourage you to check out “Memories of the Future.”

Prizmhaus: Do you remember what inspired you to begin music production? Was there a key event in your life that made you think “I NEED to begin creating music” or was it very organic for you?

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Nu Tech: Le Visiteur – Will She Be There feat. Nick Paterson

We have something special that has crash landed in our prizmworld courtesy of the talented Le Viseteur. Le Viseteur – “Will She Be There Feat. Nick Paterson” is a phenomenal club banger (to put it mildly), and is the second track in his latest EP “The Reason.”

Musically, this song is deep yet smooth and very sexy, which is why it epitomizes what I have coined as Nu tech, which is exactly what this track brings. It’s like the Nu Tech kiss of death in all the right ways. Vocally, Nick Paterson brings a very unique style of vocals that at certain points remind me of the Soft Cell’s Soft Cell from the 80s, which in today’s music world is much welcomed by me as I’m personally sick of everyone trying to sing like Sam Smith.

This track is a breath of fresh air after a deep dive in the pool. I hope you’re ready to party, because that’s what Le Viseteur gives you here!

“She’s making calls. She’s crying world and she’ ain’t bluffing. These flashing lights these warning signs they keep on coming, but you don’t see them, and you will do anything to get her booty on the floor tonight! Will she be there when you feel like coming down?”

Electronic Rumors: Ali Jamieson (Feat. Raff) – Coffee Stain (Black Magic Disco reMix)

Electronic Rumors recently released a new single by Ali Jamieson feat. Raff titled “Coffee Stain.” The dark sorcerer himself, the talented UK-based Black Magic Disco, who has in the past produced some powerful tracks such as the galactic “First Avenue” (a personal favorite) has remixed this one to create an soft yet groovy disco dance beat!

The ethereal synths and chords will take you into outer space as the magic works its way into your system! This one will be on heavy repeat this Summer for peak-hour fun as the bass-line is just the right touch needed to get you bobbing your head in approval of this stunning coffee-stained remix.


Enjoy also Black Magic Disco’s new Summer fun in the sun disco mix. This one is decadent with a superbly bright tracklist that will set you in a positive disposition instantaneously.

Gem of the Week: Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Bill Wants Remix)

Coming at you with a fresh new track right off the presses, the Gem of the week!!! Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Bill Wants Remix) left me at a loss for words.

The musical goodness that was oozing into my soul lifted my soul to new heights. It literally gave me chills in the way that music does when it has that special something to it.

Bill Wants’ take on this iconic song is full of euphoric melodic synthwave dreamyness, and upbeat deep nu disco overtones that make this a completely dancey and catchy anthem!

Bill had been on my radar before, but when this song arrived in my email I had no idea I was just about to lose my mind.

Make sure you show plenty of love to this talented producer from Oslo!

Nu Disco Your Disco: Mogul – Free Limitation EP! Out Now!

The new “Free Limitation” EP from Berlin-based music master, Mogul, out now on Nu Disco Your Disco, is a spectacular treat full of futuristic, warm, funky, quality sounds that set the tone for nu disco releases this Summer!

“Get Freaky” kicks things off in style with a creative and meticulous blend of nu disco funk and future house in a sonically pleasing melodic tune that is a solid sing-along packed with memorable verses and a freaky chorus that will be playing in your head all day long.

Keeping the momentum, “Without A Doubt,” brings in some sensuality coupled with bright and warm future bass sounds. The Nu Disco bounce in this thing is out of this world. This song will “Work it out. Without a doubt,” and is perhaps my favorite song off the EP due to the ethereal vocals. I can’t wait to hear remixes for this…a Satin Jackets remix, anyone?

“Can’t Hold Onto You (feat. Kids At Midnight) is perhaps the most mellow track on the EP with lush soundscapes that envelope you whole, and take you into a daydream romantic fantasy. And you go along for the ride with open arms.

Next, things get funkatronic with “Artistic.” The bass groove is serious in this one. Jazzy and melodic, “Artistic” will take your mind and the edge off all things gloomy. There is some serious sway here, and I think this one is a definite poolside anthem. Gorgeous!

Lastly, “Some Days” brings the Nu Disco magic to the front and center. Funky and warm guitars, a kicking disco drum beat, an iconic sounding bass-line, and colorful synths painting the sky, Mogul takes us on a climactic journey showcasing his true production prowess and it pays off nicely.

This EP embellishes the beauty and wonder of what made me fall in love with Nu Disco in the first place! Cheers to Mogul, and the boys over at Nu Disco Your Disco record label, Marc Liebe and Kristian Santiago, on this release. It has re-ignited the standard for proper nu disco tunes!

The Magician – Together

Guess who’s back? Yes, The Magician! In time for Summer, The Magician – Together (Original Mix) smashes your eardrums with good future garage & future house vibrations!

Reminiscent somewhat of Shift K3y and Disclosure, “Together” features a very vibrant, feel-good sound that we love here at Prizmhaus! We can’t get enough of this gem, and we can’t wait to hear what remixes are being cooked up for the release on June 22nd.

“There Ain’t no other. To find my true colors. I was cold to the fire. But you never let the burning stop. The fear in your eyes from falling deeper. Wear your disguise to cover up. We’re together now.”

Arcade Fighters – Brazilian Edits Vol. 1

Arcade Fighters brings is back with the Brazilian Edits Vol . 1. that is 5 successful tracks from the 70s and late 80s revived with a twist.
The idea for ​​the EP came up after the success of their recent work “One More Chance.” The duo was influenced by projects such as Brasilidades, Fatnotronic and Savage.
The Brazilian Edits comes with a touch French Touch , full of clippings and filters, showing how you can revive what was left behind in the history of Brazilian music.

I  love the retro sounds, and I’m sure you will find this EP enjoyable. Check it out and enjoy this reinvigorated blast from the past!

Dark, Smooth Beats: Luke Million – Fear the Night ft. Jesse Davidson

Luke Million Fear The Night

Get ready to be afraid of the dark with Luke Million’s fresh new tune “Fear the Night”. The track features Jesse Davidson’s killer vocals expertly woven into Luke Million’s signature smooth synth sound. The tune travels along a pulsating beat, reminiscent of Röyksopp.

If you’re not familiar with Luke Million’s previous work, check out the young producer’s aptly titled track “Arnold” which features sweat inducing samples of 90’s Arnold Schwarneggar work out videos.

The afro headed Aussie is currently touring Europe, fingers crossed he pays the US a much needed visit soon!

Estelle & kanye West – American Boy (Bolivard Remix)

I will happily go on a trip while listening to Estelle & kanye West – American Boy as remixed by the magnificent Bolivard, released on Antarctic Records!

Bolivard breaks out a tropical blend of nu disco and future house goodness to create one of the most invigorating remixes of the American Boy song I have heard.

In a world where some might say tropical is being overdone, Bolivard gets the mood right by serving bright tones that create a warming sunny feel.

You really just want to forget your problems and dance, so kick your feet up and pres play!

“Could you be my love, my love, my love?”

Blissed Out: BLVC SVND – Why

BLVC SVND – “Why” is a disturbingly good Future Bass track with chill trap influences that hit hard.

The songs starts with what might sound like the soundtrack to your first space flight, and through the progression of the track, the very deep bass takes hold as it is accompanied by mind-body-soul encasing synth work.

If music is said to take you on a journey through dimensions, this is a delicious example.

The Presets – Something Good

The Presets “Something Good”

The Presets have just unleashed a B-side from the 2012 Pacifica album — and let’s just say the track is FIRE!

A magnifiscent journey with the two space cadets behind the decks, The Presets “Something Good,” takes you on an intergalctic journey that is choc-ful of dance groove melodies that willl really take you out of this world.

The vocals are as beautiful as the lyrics, which are soul-touching, deep and meaningful. The minimal Presets’ sound is as ethereal as ever, so press play and escape into a gorgeous land far far away.

Magic! Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Vicent Ballester Remix)

Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Vicent Eallester Remix)

Depeche Mode fans, such as myself, rejoice! Spain-based producer Vicent Ballester’s latest Nu disco / Nu Tech remix. Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Vicent Ballester Remix) is a cosmic deep nu disco disco ride through the stars that does the original justice and brings it to a whole new level of phenomenal!

With Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan’s vocals behind the wheel you can’t go wrong, and Ballester’s deep, soulful bassline, galactic otherworldly chords, the right touch of nu disco flair masterfully worked in, I have to say this is the best remix of this song I have heard.

I’m in love!

Blissed Out: Bronson – Digital Bubble Bath

Warning: The FSA (Federal Sexy Association) has determined the contents within this mix to be dangerously chill. Listeners may experience bouts of calmness followed by states of euphoria, and in some instances, XXX arousal. Proceed with caution before taking off clothes and dipping into the warm waters of this Digital Bubble Bath.

Disco Down: The Protoxic – Whispers (Special Q Re-Edit)

Special Q brings us a tasty musical treat, out now!

The Protoxic – Whispers (Special Q Re-Edit) is a slow disco jam that will get you grooving.
The soul is intoxicating, and the boom-clap rhythm is just a pleasure! You’re going to want to get out your dancing shoes and get ready to light up the dancefloor to classic disco vibes.


Dany Kole – Sparks

Dany Kole’s latest original track, “Sparks,” is a delicious and melodic piano-house infused journey with bright and uplifting nu disco elements that will make your troubles fade far away.

The forecast reads blue skies and wind rustling through your hair as it’s going to be a good day when you pop this track on. You really can’t go wrong with how great this track feels. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Looking forward to more from Dany Kole!

O-le Club ft. Austin Greene – Satellite (Toniia Remix)

Toniia hits us with a major deep disco / nu disco dancefloor banger! O-le CLub ft. Austin Greene – Satellite (Toniia Remix) is out of this world with a pumping rhythm, warm synths, and a driving bass that will make your body drop, while the vocal work takes you an a deep lyrical adventure through time and space!

What I love the most about this remix is the huge sound and anthemic feel, which can be quite rare for a nu disco track. In other words, this is something you can hear at a night club, but still oozes the delicious nu disco flavor we all know and love.

Cheers to this phenomenal track by Toniia! It’s a limited time free download, so click over and get it while you can.


New Kartell “Tender Games” EP!

Kartell – Tender Games

Roche Musique’s Kartell is back with a seductively sensual new EP “Tender Games,” set to be released on June 1st, and is available for pre-order now.

Based on the dreamy starry-eyed preview track, Kartell – All I have (feat. J – Rican), you can expect some warm, soul-soothing sounds! Kartell also promises a focus on dance floor grooves and club bangers to come on “Tender Games.”

I can’t wait to hear the latest and greatest from one of my favorite labels, which also houses legendary talents: Darius, FKJ, Zimmer, and Cézaire!

Mmmm so lush!

Future Perfect: Elizabeth Rose – Another Earth (HWLS Remix)

And the future vibes continue on with Elizabeth Rose – Another Earth (HWLS Remix).

This smooth Future R&B production incorporates that chill future sound with gorgeous encapsulating bass-lines and warm embracing synths that wrap you up like a warm blanket to create a unique vibe that is intoxicating

The lushness is invigorating and drips seductive tones…This one is a keeper for sure!

Future Vibes: Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Fantasy (Pomo Remix)

It’s like Pomo can do no wrong musically. His latest future chill vibes remix of Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Fantasy (Pomo Remix) is pure fantastical perfection with golden feels and a future touch.

Very chilled out vibes, taking the already R&B-laden original to groovier depths underneath the swaying palm trees. There’s a lot of gorgeous sounds to absorb here, so check it out.

“I could be your fantasy. Underneath the palm trees you can leave your worries. Say you wanna get so high breath me in like air..”

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