Gem of the Week: Breach – Jack (Alex Harrington Remix)

Breach – Jack (Alex Harrington Remix)

Sexy, funky, future house! Breach – Hack (Alex Harrington Remix) is an absolute pleasure chest of opulence!

This is the kind of soulful groove a lot of music lately seems to lack, therefore this one gets Gem of the Week, a true pearl in the ocean’s of a distant planet.

Let’s get Ethe(real)! Press play and escape!

Cinco De Mayo Mischief

Dust off those dancing shoes, throw on a sweet sombrero and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some dirty disco love tonight.

Space Yacht @ Golden Box

space yacht golden box

Join us for killer beats, pizza treats and dancing feet at Space Yacht. Delivering good vibes every Tuesday from the Golden Box in Hollywood, Space Yacht has become a favourite for weekday warriors. Get there tonight and enjoy a sleek line up of deep disco sounds from talent including Drezo, Nightowls, 2ToneDisco & LondonBridge.



Caught Red Handed @ Honeycut

honeycut - caught red handed

Moonwalk your way downtown to LA’s hidden gem Honeycut. Tucked away in the back alley, you can expect a epic night of tunes and tequila from this speakeasy.  With Margarita specials to get the conversation flowing, beats to get the heart pumping and a huge surprise performance to keep you guessing this is one night you don’t want to miss.




Gem of the Week: Art of Shades – Somewhere Else

Wow! The Gem of the Week is brought to you by Art of Shades, “Somewhere Else.”

A magical future nu disco track from start to finish…equipped with a breathtaking composition of mellow melodies, dreamy chords, and a soothing mind-altering bassline that moves you like the waves of the ocean.

There’s something nostalgic sounding here that feels so right. I felt like I was taking a digital bubble bath as I submeged in the various Art of Shades.

I cannot wait to hear more and more and more from Art of Shades!

Tropical Topical: Anthelix – Noomlight

Get ready to dance up a storm! Things are heating up with the latest original from Anthelix – Noomlight!

Gorgeous composition, Noomlight takes you on a deep house journey layered with sweeping, dreamy tropical and nu disco chords that will bring your love alight!

Click and spark, take off into the sunset with this wonderful track as the backdrop to a unforgettable night spent making memories of a lifetime!

Free download! So make sure to show proper heart, share, like, love!


Golden Gods: Bleu Toucan – Papaye (HeartSide & Colette Remix)

HeartSide & Colette bring you the sweetest escape with a golden nu disco remix! Bleu Toucan – Papaye (HeartSide & Colette Remix) radiates tropical, warm chords, bongos, and funky guitar licks are blended into a delicious Pina Colada, this track is just what you’ll need if you’re in the mood to slow motion disco on lovely day by the beach or poolside!

A true pearl, plus a free to download! make sure to show tons of comment, share, and heart love!

Joey Musaphia – I Miss You (Black Magic Disco 2015 Re-Edit)

Joey Musaphia – I Miss You (Black Magic Disco 2015 Re-Edit) is a classic house track brought back to life by magic in a tasteful and imaginative way.

A feel good tune that speaks to the traditional house vibe while incorporating something new, this re-Edit is just the things you’ll need for a fantastic time dancing, or you know, faffing about at home with friends enjoying  delicious cocktails!

Black Magic Disco always brings the goods to the house (no pun intended), so if you’re in the mood for some feel good vibes, this is all you’ll need right now.

Black Magic Disco, aka Justin Long, has confirmed there is more magical disco coming soon. I’m stoked!

Doomsday Disco: Le Flex​ – Le Mystère De Flex!

Le Mystère De Flex

Are you familiar with Doomsday Disco? In a post-apocalyptic world in the tropics where one of the last human colonies remain, you’ll surely hear this nu disco jam at peak hour. Le Flex​ – Le Mystère De Flex!

What I love about producers who aren’t afraid to try different and new things is that they try different and new things.

It’s awesome to explore avenues of creativity as expressions of art. The concept on this one is solid, and maybe too ahead of his time…genius!

This track is very “spiritual” to me. When I hear it I can feel angels calling, so put on your gas mask and party on!

Sultry Select: Saje – Lost Tonight (Max Liese Boootleg)

Saje – Lost Tonight (Max Liese Bootleg)

Max Liese brings us a nice little bootleg! Saje – Lost Tonight (Max Liese Boootleg) is a booming track with tons of musical shards of genius to ooze over!

This version is future beats lush, soothing, and genius! That bass though…just incredible, so ENJOY!

Mozambo & Basic Tape – Bright Side (Ft. Julia Church)

Mozambo & Basic Tape – Bright Side (ft. Julia Church)

Mozambo & Basic Tape – Bright Side (Ft. Julia Church) is funky nu disco infused indie dance track with a breezy pace and tons of sunny, colorful vocals to match!

The very warm bass sound feels like bees gently buzzing in a soothing formation, while the very funky guitar rhythm and synths really take you on an adventure. The melodies are Feel good vibes for days with this one.

Get lifted and focus on the bright side.

Throwback Thursday: Jagged Edge – Where The Party At? (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)

Viceroy Jagged Edge Where the Party At

Throwback Thursdays are meant to be cheesy right?! In the spirit of that we bring you Viceroy’s remix of Jagged Edge –  “Where the Party At?”

Back from the dead after 14 years, the 2001 dance floor filler has been reworked by San Francisco producer, Viceroy.  Known for his sun-drenched disco jams, Viceroy does not disappoint with this cruisy tune that you can’t help but sing along to.

This song is sure to be your new guilty pleasure! For more pool party approved tunes check out Viceroy’s “Jet Life” Remix collection on SoundCloud.



Golden Vibes: Falqo – Sleepy Crusader

Sleepy Crusader

Feeling the hump day slump?  Falqo’s new deep house tune, “Sleepy Crusader” is sure to put you in a dancing mood.

Falqo serves up a delicious dish of classic disco funk with this latest release that is anything but sleepy. With silky smooth vocals, a bouncy beat and a retro vibe this track is made to be played on repeat.

Loving the vibes?  Get your own slice of nu disco gold April 23, when the song is available for free download.

Sexy Space: What so Not – Gemini Ft. George Maple


Finally after months in the making, disco duo, What So Not, have dropped the first single from their debut EP!

“Gemini” is a dreamy downtempo tune perfect for a chilled Friday afternoon. Get ready to float on the ceiling with the track’s sexy vocals and soft spacey sounds, before intergalactic beats transport you to the moon.

Stay tuned for more sick sounds with the same titled album, Gemini, being released later this year. Sadly since recording the EP, What So Not have announced Flume will be leaving the project, with Co-Founder Emoh Instead spinning solo. You can look forward to further face melting tracks from both artists individually in the future, with Flume promising a new solo album “real soon”.

Gem of the Week: Le Flex – Alone Together

Le Flex- Alone Together

It’s time to fall in love! The gem of the Week: Le Flex – Alone Together peels back the emotional layers and gives us something romantically magical to fall in love with.

A true Nu Disco diamond, Le Flex, flexes his musical muscles and creates one of the most memorable songs I have heard this year with a whole ballad to sing along to.

Smooth, sultry, sexy, you will be dedicating this song to your lover this Summer, proceeded by the taking off of clothes, and of course, intercourse.

Who knew Craig (Le Flex) had such an amazing singing voice too? It is so good it melts like cotton candy onto the music!

“All I need, is you and I alone together. Come to me, and we can make it last forever.”

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Le Flex recording “Alone Together” in the studio.


Feels Good: Slick Brutus – Solar Seeker (DANCE///ME Remix)

Get ready to glide. LA Duo, DANCE///ME, recently released a remix on Good For You Records, Slick Brutus – Solar Seeker (DANCE///ME Remix)!

As soon as the track kicks off you know something big is about to pop off, the intro build-up sets up the tone for a delicious deep house groove that takes you on a journey, and the trip is fantastic!

If you want something deep, soulful, and with feels (and not to mention slick), this track will definitely put you in a good mood. Check it out and spread the love! Mmmm musical deliciousness!

4/15/15: W Hollywood Launches WHO’S IN TOWN with Gorgon City, Kidnap Kid and My Nu Leng

The W Who's In Town

The International Music Summit (IMS) is taking place on April 15th at the W Hollywood. The event’s official closing party will simultaneously launch the W Hotels’ “Who’s In Town” U.S. nationwide event series.

The program actually first launched in Europe last year, with performances by acts such as The Magician, Sister Bliss, Dimitri from Paris and The Martinez Brothers at W Hotels in London, Barcelona, Verbier and Istanbul, and now we’ll be seeing events pop up across the states! Woo hoo!

To kick things off proper – we’ll see legends Gorgon City, Kidnap Kid, and My Nu Leng light the stage!

If you’re in town, this will be the place to be.


INTRODUCING: MotiBo! “Let’s Dream” EP

Motibo – Let’s Dream EP

INTRODUCING – MotiBo! Charging right out of the gate like a supercharged horse with the “Let’s Dream” EP, MotiBo combines highly energetic Nu Disco with 80s synthwave/frenchtouch to get your blood flowing. One truly can’t help but “move your body.”

“Until U Die” is full of electric energy! Get ready to party and boogie all the way down, until you’re literally dead with no energy left to dance!

“Let’s Dream” is also an explosive dance track suitable for peak hours as the sun sets (or comes up) and you are getting down on the winds of time.

I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from MotiBo! This is something unique and I welcome it like breath of fresh air.

The Golden Feels: Enrique Iglesias – Bailando (Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg Remix)

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando (Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg Remix)

This recent work from Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg, Enrique Iglesias – Bailando (Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg Remix) is a top notch golden nu disco production that I equate to perfecttion when it comes to a good groove for lounging and enjoying some sun rays on a beautiful day.

It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when these soundwaves penetrate your mind. With a tropical nu disco sound and a very light kick of the drums, you’ll be bobbing your head in a hypnotized state the entire time.

Don’t be surprised if this makes it to the top of your favorite songs this season. It’s definitely one of mine!

Great work from Eletromekanik and Happy Gutenberg! Enjoy these lovely feels!!!


Sultry Pearl: Falcon Punch – Square One

Falcon Punch – Square One

Enjoy this sultry Nu Disco track, the latest by Falcon Punch, “Square One.”

What I love about this track is that it marries the classic disco vibe with dreamy, modern Nu Disco tones to create an atmospheric jam that’s so smooth, you might think it’s silk.

This cosmic track takes me on a journey that borders on spiritual as it has feels for days! This is what Nu Disco is all about!

Falcon Punch is mega talented, so I expect to only keep hearing more great stuff coming along.


SYRE – Burn (feat. Kendra Dias)

SYRE – Burn (feat. Kendra Dias)

SYRE – Burn (feat. Kendra Dias) is a dreamy track with airy vocals, and a super smooth groove.
The bassline is sickeningly phenomenal, and all of the intricate musical elements work together in tangent to create something extremely unique and memorable.

I seriously can’t get enough of this sound. Can you say, musical pearl?



WMNSTUDIES and Waspy – Photographs (feat. Sundays)

WMNSTUDIES and Waspy – Photographs (feat. Sundays) is like pink lemonade on a sunny day, perfect.

A smooth tropical tone, and pop vocals create an ambient dreamy sound that is lush and mellow, like cotton candy.

This is definitely a delicious tune that is replay worthy!