Gem of the week: Dynamique – Night Rider

Dynamique - Night Rider

This week’s gem is a true Prizmhaus pearl. Dynamique – Night Rider is a masterful “dream wave” production with taste, style and uniqueness. The sound is atmospheric, encasing, and soothing, yet grandiose with a positive uplift that will carry you to new heights on electronic dance groove wings.

Dynamique has been on the Prizmhaus radar for a couple of years, and I am a huge fan, but this track stands out as a pillar of justice to what Dynamique is capable of and clearly solidifies his presence as a talented music producer. There is an evolution here that must be noted.

Enjoy the night ride – and escape into the blissful sound. Pure magic!

Bo Saris – Little Bit More [Mousse T ´s Funk Mix - The Reflex Revision]

A feel good funk inspired, tropical, french and nu disco with an indie dance and traditional disco twist, Bo Saris – Little Bit More [Mousse T ´s Funk Mix - The Reflex Revision] delivers with grace and style. The vocal elements are just exquisite and soulful. There’s so many fused musical elements here that blend perfectly. Must hear!

“Give me just me just a little bit more good love.”

CROM & THANH – Where Do We Go – feat. Casey K. (Original mix)

CROM & THANH – Where Do We Go – feat. Casey K. (Original mix) on OFF Recordings is a deep vocal house track with a groovy bass lines and deep, meaningful vocals. Where do we go from here? Only up, baby! <3

“I walk the streets alone through broken glass and wet paint. Through chaos and mayhem far beyond the shadows.”


Benny Royal – It Could Be Luv

Benny Royal – It Could Be Luv – immediately swept me off my feet with its entrancing deep house groove and airy vocals. The piano chords and pulsing rhythm is exactly what you’d want to hear to lose yourself to dance.

“Could this be love?”

Lovebirds Edits – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)

A beautiful deep disco rework of Razor N Tape – Free (Lovebirds Beautiful Rework) is just ecstasy.

Grab this glorious track and set your soul free. “What a beautiful world this will be. What a glorious time to be free.”

Body Language – Portland: ME

Body Langauge is doing a track a day. This one is called “ME” and it’s one epically tropicool tropical nu disco tune.

So fantastic, you’ll soon be in space disco heaven. Turn it out like Tina Turner!

Mellow Yellow: Ciara – Love Sex Magic (Alvy Remix)

Mmm so deliciously mellow. Cirara – Love Sex Magic (Alvy Remix) slayyyyys. Such a tasty smooth track…luxurious vibes most definitely. Give me some more, again and again.


Mart ft. Casey – Hollywood

WOW! Madonna – Hollywood like you’ve never heard before. Mart ft. Casey – Hollywood is a chilled out French nu disco banger. Yep, perfect for hip swinging, head bobbing action. Give it a go!

“There’s something in the air in Hollywood.”

Looking forward to hearing more from Mart, Casey, and No Definition in the future.

Blissed Out: STWO – Aura.


In a world where all of the vibrations of the universe collided into a single cell, you’d get STWO – Aura as a result.

A magnificent space journey through the cosmos ensued as I was completely encased in the diamond dust emanating from my speakers.

A sound so massive, it’s probably the size of a distant sun, an exploding star expanding, Aura is a masterpiece.

The love vibration is high here, so let it take you away on a journey of blissed out proportions!

Dive Deep: Shagabond – Tuna Melt.

Shagabond - Tuna Melt

On the search for something a little chill to mellow out the mood, I was lucky enough to discover Shagabond – Tuna Melt.

Described as “bedroom disco,” this mesmerizing sound frequency really strikes gold and is sure to make your heart smile big.

It’s just the thing you need, like ice in your ice chest. It’s fun to dance to or have a conversation with this subtly taking you on a spiritual journey.

Dive deep into the waters of Shagabond – Tuna Melt. You will thoroughly enjoy these refreshing sounds.

Gem Of The Week: Final DJs feat. Dana Jean Phoenix – We Are The Night.

Final DJs feat. Dana Jean Phoenix - We Are The Night(Short Vocal Cut)

Deep in the night on a beach on one of Jupiter’s moons in the year 4015, you will find Final DJs feat. Dana Jean Phoenix – We Are The Night spinning while the crowd fully enjoys themselves and celebrate their infinite existence in this universe we call home.

Final DJs has a special magic that enters your soul and makes you feel the music, not just hear it. It’s penetrating and it is uniquely stellar. We Are The Night is a deep house, nu disco gem that takes you to that special place of love frequency that only house music can make you experience. A new venture for final DJs, who usually presents a more synthwave style of production – he nailed it!

This is a tateful track. Musical perfection topped with all the right ingredients vocally, provided by Dana Jean Phoenix. I’m in love with the beauty Dana captivated in the beats and synergized into creating perfectly complementary vocals and lyrics! I’m literally in heaven when I hear this.

What are you waiting for? Press play.

“I know this feeling’s touched your soul, and made your heart beat like you’ve never known. I’ll give you the answer to ‘why does this feel so good?’ Reflecting moonlight in your eyes. Bright like the sun the heat is no surprise. I’ve got the keys, get inside. ‘Cause We Are The Night. Oh this is the way to feel your ecstasy. I taste your kiss and know that you want me. Let’s get turned up. Let’s lose all self-control. The night is young, and so are we let’s go! ‘Cause We Are The Night! We are the stars so young and so  bright, so go on and enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself!”


Ben Macklin – Let You Down

Ben Macklin - Let You Down

“Ben Macklin – Let You Down,” is an instant, blissed-out nu disco classic. The warming synths and tropical chords are just a pleasure chest of feel-good realness.

Poolside dreaming. Joyriding. Chilled out. This one’s a pearl.

“I won’t let you down.”

Boys Get Hurt Take Me Away ft. Lana Soy

Take Me Away ft.Lana Soy

Boys Get Hurt Take Me Away ft. Lana Soy is a precious tropical track. Summer’s not over, and this Tokyo—based producer is providing tasty melodies like a perfect kiss in the shade with that special someone that pulls your heart strings in all the right ways.

Lana Soy’s vocals are dreamy and airy, smooth like peach perfection. Get ready to bounce and fly high to some tropical nu disco.

“Had to look twice. You turned around and smiled. We fly high in love. Just take me away.”

Gem of the week: NSFW – Drop The top.

NSFW - Drop The Top [Out now as Free Download]

Gem of the week: NSFW – Drop The top. Holy S**t! This track slays! A floor filler to the core, NSFW has created a sensation that is unique and signature in style and will surely be one of the most memorable summer 2014 tracks – make sure you add this to your next mix or playlist!

Too much can be said of this week’s Prizmhaus gem. You’ll have to listen to witness the drop top masterpiece, and of course you will want to wish it was Friday night, late night, party time!

Let’s just say every time NSFW drops something, I get all giddy inside as I know what I am about to be graced with will be polished and be just what I need to hear.

NSFW is going to be HUGE. I said this about Goldroom and Moonboots a couple of years back, and I’m never wrong.

Cheers to more great tunes and succes NSFW!

Aytac Kart & Mahmut Orhan ft. Keith Thomspon – Break 4 Love (Original Mix)

Aytac Kart & Mahmut Orhan ft. Keith Thomspon - Break 4 Love (Original Mix) Free Download!

Take a break for love: Aytac Kart & Mahmut Orhan ft. Keith Thomspon – Break 4 Love (Original Mix) is one of those deep disco / nu disco soul songs that makes you go  “yasssssssss!!!” when it comes on.

I love the jazzy instrumentation and french disco guitar riffs layered on top of the deep house bass. It’s a sensual, feel-good track that without a doubt will get you moving.

Saccao & Syap – Mafia Rules

Saccao & Syap - Mafia Rules

Massive deep house tune by Saccao & Syap – Mafia Rules!

This one is deep. From beginning to end Saccao & Syap slay!

“Why you wanna fuck with a dude that’s not your type.”

Glen Check – Paint It Gold (Anoraak Remix)

Paint It Gold (Anoraak Remix)

Glen Check and Anoraak bring you a wonderful summer boat track, perfect for kicking it in the Cabana on a beach, or hotel. Give a listen to Glen Check – Paint It Gold (Anoraak Remix) to escape the pains and pangs of a traditional and uneventful workday.

The scrumptious water-side sounds will have you daydreaming of a refreshing alcoholic beverage.

Anoraak has taken a precious stone, and painted it in gold. The sound is so fantastic it immediately melted my heart.
This tune is killlllller! Enjoy!

Gem of the Week: Housetronaut – “The Radio” featuring Bon Vivant

The Radio Featuring Bon Vivant

This week’s Gem of the week comes from Housetronaut featuring Bon Vivant! Their latest masterpiece, Housetronaut – “The Radio” featuring Bon Vivant is a perfect nu disco, synthwave, driving mood lifter. A perfect martini, a nice breeze cooling you down through the sun’s beams as you drive faster and faster down the highway going nowhere in particular – is exactly what I want to do when I hear this heartwarming song.

The pure sultry sounds that are a staple in Housetronaut’s productions are evident here just as on any other track he has produced in the past with Bon Vivant, This guy has so much talent it must be painful! Just joking, of course. The music is pioneering and forward-thinking and will influence generations to come.

Bon Vivant is one of the most talented vocals to have graced my ears in this generation. His vocals are partly pop, partly indie, very modern, and very fresh. Melodically and vocally talented, this pair make magic every time they hit the studio together.

Believe me, we’re going to hear their song on the radio, just wait!

“You’re going to hear my song on the radio.”

If you’re looking for something sorta flashback, very 80s synthwave, and brought into the modern age of nu disco, here is your gem of the week! Thank you Housetronaut and Bon Vivant for this great track!

Video: Roses Gabor – “RUSH” (Official Video)

Roses Gabor – “RUSH” (Official Video)

Artist to Watch: Distant Cousin – Self-Titled EP

Distant Cousin EP

A comet made its way into the Prizmhaus atmosphere today and created quite an explosion upon impact…with dark, deep house, ambient sounds. Distant Cousin’s debut self-titled EP will carry you on a cosmic trip out of this world and into another vibrational dimension.

The LA-based producer Distant Cousin is a definite up-and-comer. The entire EP is a gorgeous and wide-spanning audible “journey,” clearly inspired by source energy.

The best way to describe the sound waves emitted is futuristic, ambient, ethereal, transcendental and spiritual. The deep, deconstructed beats touch your soul. Mysteriously enchanting and beyond anything you’ll hear anywhere else in time and space today, Distant Cousin channeling a cosmic soundwave of his own.

The EP can make you dance, think, cry, jump for joy, smile, and wonder all at the same time.
I can’t wait to find out what is next! The future has arrived…with Distant Cousin.

Make sure to check out this artist to watch and show your Distant Cousin all the love and support you can by following him on SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook!