Deep & Dope: Full Crate x Mar – Her Window

Full Crate x Mar – Her Window

Full Crate x Mar – “Her Window” is deep and dope!

With an intergalactic future house, Garage, and R&B vibe that will take you into the zone, topped with memorable vocals to sing along to, “Her Window” is destined for greatness.

The track has already received full support from The Magician, Mike Mago,Billion, and Cajoline!

“Her Window” is a killer tune that blends so many elements flawlessly, so stay tuned! It will be available on Beatport beginning April 1st!

“I’ve been looking through her window. And I know she knows.”

Brandy – Scared Of Beautiful (Mogul Remix)

Brandy – Scared Of Beautiful (Mogul Remix)

Funny how I was JUST saying, if I hear another Brandy remix, I swear to god…!

But, Mogul contacted me with his latest NDYD exclusive, and ooooh I’m so glad I gave it a shot.

This one is dripping in gold! From beginning to end the funky future bass lines and general Nu Disco aesthetic are flawless, and this is the kind of track I think really pushes Nu Disco forward as a true representation of the genre.

Great job, Mogul! Hats off to you!

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Lennart Richter – My Feelings

Lennart Richter - My Feelings

WoooHooo! Lennart Richter’s latest French House track will kick your teeth in! And I just happen to have to designed the artwork for this new track, too!

This is a great dance tune with tons of epicness to absorb, so get right into it!

“When I think about you. My feelings can’t explain. Why after all this time?”

Cajoline & Le Flex’s – “Hold You” EP feat. Remixes By Prizm, Simpli & Zephyr!

Cajoline & Le Flex – HOld You

I can’t get enough of Cajoline & Le Flex’s – “Hold You” EP!

I’ve been going crazy listening to the “Hold You” EP, full of Future House / Future R&B and Bass vibes and remixes from Prizm, Zephyr and Simpli.

Criminally smooth and sensual, “Hold You” oozes sexy vibes. It’s literally dripping sex, and that’s not even getting into each remix that all offer up a distinct scoop of ice cream flavor to add to this banana split! Each one offering something spectacular.

Enjoy these delicious sounds! I think there is just too much talent in one place right here. I may have a heart attack. Great job to all!

Check it!

BRONSON – ULtra-White-Magic Mixtape


Here is the latest DJ mix by Bronson, yours truly, a trip through the opulent dark side, emerging in glittering ‪#‎UltraWhiteMagic‬, featuring tracks and remixes by The Presets, Goldroom, Gold Fields Hot Natured, Grades, Ten Walls, Kyrill, Redford, Lissat, Voltaxx, Psychemagik, Salt Ashes, Voltron, A.N.D.Y, T.E.E.D., Miguel Campbell, Sebastian Voigt, and Kinky Movement.

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Too Lush: Electric Mantis – Infatuation

Electric Mantis – Infatuation

This Future track is so chill to describe in words! Electric Mantis – “Infatuation” is simply a gorgeous landscape of lush sounds. This is from an upcoming EP, so stay tuned for more!

Dreamy chords, a Future R&B feel, this magical track comes from the depths of a tropical paradise on an island far away on a distant planet to grace your ears. Electric Mantis has blended so many elements perfectly, and this one is a true to the core music pearl – enjoy!

50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology (Prizm Remix)

50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology (Prizm Remix)

The superbly talented Prizm’s remix of 50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake – “Ayo Technology” is 100% fire!

With tons of trippy Future and trap elements as well as pianos, this is a hard hitting track that will melt icebergs!

“You got me saying Ayo I’m tired of using technology. I need you right in front of me.”

Sensational! Zimmer x Pallace – Saturday Love

Zimmer x Pallace – Saturday Love

Right as things start to thaw out in preparation for the Spring/Summer season, we get Zimmer x Pallace – “Saturday Love,” which is their version of Piano House with a definite twist of their own!

A perfect summery Nu Disco jam with elements of Future and Garage, “Saturday Love” is an epic track with the perfect afternoon party vibe.

Zimmer & Pallace have struck gold in this new production, so press play and escape into Saturday with Love.

“Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Love.”


Gem of the Week! Vucari – Soetsera

Vucari – Soetsera

The gem of the Week! Vucari – Soetsera is an emotional track full of dreamy synth and dreamwave chords. Lost in a fantasy? Yes, pretty much!

This track was presented to me by Basti of Final DJ’s and I fell in love instantly with this mellow, chilled out vibe.

This is truly, truly a music pearl from somewhere in outer space, and I’m sure it’s going to breathe new life into your day.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Vucari! Make sure to support with shares, hearts, and the like! :)


Video Prizm: Grimes – REALiTi

Grimes – REALiTi

The beloved Grimes is back with a brand new tune for you to feast your ears on. Oh, it’s been way too, too-too long.
Futuristic, beautiful, and magical, Grimes – REALiTi is a luscious world of wonder both visually and musically.

The song itself is catchy, dancy, synthy, with vocals that are hauntingly beautiful and etheral.
The best part of it all is that this song is actually an unreleased demo that will never officially be released, but Grimes has decided to release this track nevertheless to her fans.

Enjoy this exquisite little pearl.

“Welcome to reality.”


Final DJs – Memories of the Future Mixtape!

Holy S**t! Now THIS is what I call a mixtape! This is seriously a legendary f******g mixtape! This destroys everything! Of course, it’s Final DJs!

Sebastian takes you on a wild roller coaster ride, so I have to warn you – tighten your seat belt hard before you press play!

It came straight from an emotional place too.

“Here comes another exclusive mixtape, this time for my homies from Do You Like That Song?. I was planning a frenchtouch / frenchhouse / electrofunk mixtape for a long time now. It’s not just a mixtape… All the songs, titles and the concept behind are very personal. I process the hard times over the last months in it, and that’s why all these songs have to tell a little story. So sit back, hit play and close your eyes for a journey through anger, love, hope and much more… Hope you enjoy.” – Sebastian (Final DJs)

D.Jacob – Nu-Sound Session February 2015

D. Jacob - Nu Sound February 2015

Yo! We have an exquisite mix by D.Jacob – Nu-Sound Session February 2015 to help you defrost. It’s such a magical mix, with tons of pearls as you deep dive in a tropical paradise.

“Disco Snowflakes arrives with new episode of Nu-Sound Session :) Another great episode of disco journey with winter view! Take your Mojitos and dance with feel of summer in your hearts <3″ – Jacob

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2/28/15: #MobDeep At Exchange LA with Amine Edge & DANCE, Perseus aka Leon Oziel, Jonas Rathsman, and Moon Boots!

Exchange LA - MOB DEEP

Tomorrow, get ready for the time of your life at Mob Deep brought to you by Insomniac Presents at Exchange LA! G house pioneers Amine Edge & DANCE along with Friend Within, The Cool Cats, and Bones in the Dancing With Friends Room.

In the French Express Room, the gang will be bringing you some sultry tunes by Perseus aka Leon Oziel, Jonas Rathsman, and Moon Boots! It’s going to be a Nu Disco down, so get with it.

How can you beat the lineup on this night? Get more info here. See you there! #WeMobDeep

Gem of the Week: Salt Ashes – Raided

salt ashes - raided

Brighton-based enigma Salt Ashes is back with another striking single. Deep, melodic, and haunting (in a fantastic way), Raided is perhaps Salt Ashes’ best song to date.

There is an evolution that is quite palpable. Raided is an addicting track musically, lyrically, and melodically. It’s one of those tracks you want to hear all day everyday with its Garage-infused beats, deep house overtones, disco rhythm, and catchy lyrical melodies.

With just enough “pop,” while catering to a more underground, tasteful, audience, Salt Ashes is a burgeoning Roisin Murphy-esque singer that’s destined for greatness. With style, grace, and a magnetic dark streak, what’s not to enjoy? 

Let the track raid your ears. Hit play.

Dude Skywalker – I’m The Dude EP

Dude Skywalker I'm The Dude

Dude Skywalker! Sky slayer! This is one of my favorite musicians/producers and he’s back with a brand new EP titled “I’m The Dude.”

Let’s just say this EP is all kinds of euphoric synth-disco—space-disco, and all kinds of musically amazing! Insert the term “out of this world” here, because it’s that good.

“I’m The Dude” is an instant classic ready to light dancefloors through the dimensions of time and space. This is one of the most hypnotic and enrapturing beats I have heard in a while. It’s so smooth and delicious like a Pina Colada! So tasty!

Smooth, space-tastic, groovy, “Slow Motion” lives up to its name with a low-key deep house and funky rhythm perfect for lounging and enjoying yourself with your friends.

He’s the dude!

Gem of the Week: moodblanc – Over

Somewhere…over the rainbow, you will find moodblanc’s magic-makers Kenneth & Magnus creating lush distortions in time & space…such as this one, “Over.”

With a future-inspired melody over tropical nu disco layers, sexy jazzy saxophone, a superb bass line, funky French guitars, and let’s not forget to mention the stunning vocals of Magnus (and oh, is that Kenneth we get to hear?! Yes, amazing!!!), it’s really impossible to not fall in love with this as it graces your ears.

A feel-good tune defined, “Over” is a masterpiece on so many levels.

The moodblanc guys are out of this world amazing! Don’t believe it? Just. hit. play.

“I don’t want summer to be over. I don’t want to see you walk away. You’re the love of my life.”

Cherokee’s new “Teenage Fantasy” EP is out now on Roche Musique!

Cherokee – Teenage Fantasy EP

Cherokee is hitting us with warm sounds to melt your frozen wintery mind, body, and soul in preparation for the Spring/Summer season.

Cherokee’s new “Teenage Fantasy” EP is out now on Roche Musique, and what you will find inside is candy for the ears and soul.

“Teenage Fantasy” is a sultry and smooth track that has been remixed by one of my faves, Glen Check, who takes this beautiful track into a whole new level of lush.

“Dakota” is punchy track with lots of bump and funky bassline. It feels smooth. “Passion” goes for a smoother and even somewhat Balearic feel that is all kinds of nu disco, warm and tropical.

All the while, “Night Bells” is a perfect daytime pool party track, and “Edge” provides an appropriately titled dance floor tune with edgy snares and kick drums.

This EP is a fantastic piece of work, and I can’t wait for more remixes to begin hitting the clouds!

Gem of the Week: Satin Jackets feat. Esser – Shine On You + (Ben Macklin Remix)

OH. MY. GOD. Satin Jackets’ latest single “Shine On You” on Eskimo Recordings, is pure satin and gold.

The sound waves are ethereally melodic and  transcendental. This delicious track is pure alchemic magic. Is it any wonder why I am obsessed with all things Satin Jackets?

Ben Macklin has waved his magical music wand on this track and produced a very sexy dub that will slowly take you higher and higher on a magical ride.

Gorgeous and pure genius!


Akon – Locked Up (Lennart Richter Remix)

Lennart Richter is pretty much on fire serving up some delicious sounds for us! Here he is with yet another excellent, and, of course, sexy Nu Disco remix.

Sampling from Akon’s  R&B track “Locked Up,” this groove really makes me feel like I’m chilling out at a pool party.

It has that anthem-like chorus that people can sing along to. Have fun listening, but just make sure you don’t get locked up!

Classic Disco Revival: Earth, Wind & Fire – September (wolfskind & Mokoa Remix)

Here’s a blazing hot deep, nu disco house remix for you with plenty of sexy sax goodness! Earth, Wind & Fire – September (wolfskind & Mokoa Remix)

Wolfskind & Mokoa have completely remade this classic disco hit, keeping only the vocals, and let’s just say – it’s on fire.

There is a fine feeling of summer nostalgia associated with this song. A nice little nu disco jewel to take in.

Let’s party!!!